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Web Traffic Systems

At Web Traffic Systems(WTS), we are driven by a single mission to create intelligent advertising solutions that work for you every day. From the beginning, we have focused on global issues in Web-based advertising-how we can simplify the process of ad placement, more precisely measure results, and create greater value for advertisers and Web publishers.

In pursuing these goals, we have emerged as a leader in new media direct marketing and strategic channel building. Today, WTS's AdNetwork delivers over a 500 million ads each month to more than 1,000 qualified Web sites. At the same time, we continue to exceed the expectations of clients. Our exceptional performance is demonstrated by a 90% customer retention rate without requiring exclusive contracts.

For WTS, working smarter means demonstrating results. Our advanced Technology automatically correlates complex data in milliseconds to serve ads precisely tailored to the individual viewer. By combining our system with performance-based pricing we have created a new business model that generates click-through rates that are almost three times the industry norm.

WTS serves an industry that is expected to exceed $1 billion in sales by 2003. To ensure your success we are constantly developing new business to business and consumer products.

We're WTS. We work smarter so that everyone wins.

CEO Gustavo Gonzalas


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